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This team was called The Heathens at the beginning of its formation. This name has a religious aspect. The change of name to Manchester United made them called with a simple nickname: United.

Then, to Sir Matt Busby’s time, United were a team that could sustainably give birth to a number of their own fostered soccer players. With an average age of players at that time was 22 years, plus after the Munich plane tragedy to 1958, the media subsequently dubbed them The Busby Babes

After winning the Lancashire Cup and the Rugby Football League Championship at the time, they were considered one of the most successful sports clubs. When they toured France (as well as the first for a rugby club outside France invited to play in France), they won all of their six matches with no mercy.

Some of their enemies had commented on the use of the symbol of the devil in their eleventh symbol to make their eldest like the devil worshipers. However, the use of this symbol to the end seems to have successfully intimidated their opponents.