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Friday, 15 December 2019

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Furthermore, despite not being able to win the English league Liverpool has proven exceptional statistics in this season, besides winning the league championship and being runner-up to the English league. Liverpool first reached the FA Cup final The history of Liverpool Fc then enters its heyday. Liverpool reached its best era under the leadership of manager Bill Shankly. The coach later became a Liverpool legend. The coach was respected for successfully bringing Liverpool back into the first division after being in the second division for 8 seasons. In honor of his services, the Liverpool club made a statue of Bill Shankly at the entrance to Anfield.

Not long after, the club decided to appoint a manager who would handle Liverpool next. The decision to appoint a new manager will probably be the best decision in the history of the Liverpool club because it is the beginning of their revival. The manager who was appointed at that time was a person who was often mentioned by his name by Liverpool fans at this time: Bill Shankly.

Shankly immediately made many changes when he started handling Liverpool. He asked the club to issue 3,000 pawn to fix some points at Anfield stadium. He also changed many things from the training ground of Liverpool player Melwood, who at the time he said was in a very chaotic condition.

Not only improving infrastructure, Shankly also immediately established relationships with several parties. He established a good relationship with Liverpool supporters and started working with the heritage training staff of Phil Taylor. Bob Paisley is a key factor in the Liverpool coaching quartet with Bill Shankly. It was said that Shankly was a motivator while Paisley was the master of tactics behind him.