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Friday, 15 December 2019

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Considering that there is already a club called Fulham, the name Chelsea, which is called a small town that is set aside by the stadium, is the name of the new club. Some other names such as Kensington FC, Stamford Bridge FC and London FC could be taken into account.

John Robertson, a 28-year-old Scottish national team player at the time, was concurrently the first Chelsea manager-player position. Some players were taken from several clubs to strengthen the team, such as goalkeeper William “Fatty” Foulke from Sheffield United, Jimmy Windridge and Bob McRoberts from Small Heath, and Frank Pearson from Manchester City.

Chelsea has a track record of bringing in a number of popular players and a large number of viewers, but success has not yet approached them to the times of World War I and II. Drake began to modernize the club both on and off the pitch. He changed the Chelsea pensioner symbol, improved the training scheme and coaching the youth team, and strengthened the depth of the team by shrewdly bringing in several players from the lower divisions and amateur leagues until success brought Chelsea to get their first championship trophy.