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Friday, 15 December 2019

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Arsene Wenger has a positive effect on Arsenal’s performance. Gaining full power from the club management regarding training sessions, transfers to player contracts, Wenger successfully presented two championship titles to make Arsenal. Most of the titles that Wenger can present to the Gunners are at the domestic level

British professional club based in the North London area, London. This club now plays in the English Premier League. One of the most successful clubs in English football, has won 13 titles in the English Premier League (10 to the First Division period and 3 to the Premier League) and 12 titles in the FA Cup. Arsenal hold the record for the longest period above the Premier League standings and are placed first in the aggregate league of all 20th eras.

Arsenal have a long-standing competition with North London neighbor Tottenham Hotspur, with the North London derby contest. Arsenal is the fourth most valuable football association in the world. In the Premier League arena, Arsenal counts among the teams that have never been relegated once.